What I do

Full Stack Software Development

Whether creating a full stack solution from the ground up, or modifying an existing implementation. I have the experience and ability to design, create and support your website goals.

Desktop Application Development

From scripting tools to CLI apps to full desktop applications, I can help you define and create desktop windows, linux and macOS applications to fulfill your needs

Mobile Development

I have the experience to create end to end solutions for your mobile applications. Whether its iOS, Android, or a mobile web app.

Business Process

Together, we can use my extensive experience across a wide range of business spaces to evaluate and improve your business process, so you can get on with doing what you do best.

Project Management

My project management experience will help your teams exceed their goals, letting you get focus on your goals. Together we can create a growing, happy and productive environment, that you and your employees will love working in.

Data Analysis and Reporting

From big data to flat files and all the details in between, I can help you mine the data at hand so you know where you stand.

I can’t help you accomplish great things unless you contact me!

I never miss an email and I’m waiting eagerly to talk to you,even if you are just saying hi !