Hi!   I’m Randy Carver and I’ve formed Blue Otter Software to be your source for custom application development, database development, and reporting applications.  I am an expert software developer, experienced in working with both highly-technical and non-technical clients.  I can create custom software and installations of closed and open-source software for the following purposes:

  • Custom Reports/Data Conversion extracting data from a variety of sources into a format usable by you.
  • Internal and web based Data Management
  • Custom Desktop Applications for Windows, OSX, and Unix/Linux
  • Command Line Applications for Windows, OSX and Unix/Linux
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Web Scripts and Web Programming
  • Custom Content Management Application Plugins for Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and others.

My approach is flexible, practical, and straightforward.

  • I design software, web sites, and databases that are easy to use, quickly updatable, and have features customized to your needs.
  • Every client is important to me, so I will take the time to ask questions and listen to your answers, to find out what those needs are, before starting on any project.
  • I am an expert in a range of software and database development tools, so I can help you find the right solution for your business, rather than promoting my personal favorites.
  • You can be confident that going forward, I will be able to adapt the software and systems to your future needs as your business evolves.

Why Blue Otter Software?

  • Make use of my broad knowledge: I have more than twenty years of experience as professional software developer, using a variety of languages and operating systems, for many different applications and in various industries. If it turns out that i haven’t worked with your exact software or problem before, chances are I’ve done something similar.
  • Benefit from my expertise: studies show that expert software developers are ten to one hundred times more productive than novice developers, yet cost only about fifty percent more per hour, so it will save you both time and money to hire an expert.
  • Draw upon my real world experience: I have extensive real world work experiences on top of my 20 years experience working as a Software Developer.   Real world experience is crucial in real-world business problem-solving.
  • Complete your project quickly and efficiently, from gathering requirements to delivery.